Our team at Bosque de Talentos is dedicated to simplifying your talent search and hiring processes. We have experienced the pain and frustrations associated with finding, hiring and onboarding new talent both in the United States and abroad. We also understand the new regulatory challenges that your company will face by deciding to make the jump to hiring foreign talent. The Bosque de Talentos process removes all the obstacles that your business will face when establishing operations abroad.

We will help your business establish operations quickly helping you hire the talent you need now without dealing with the long wait times to create business entities, find legal advisors and accountant, register for taxes and set-up bank accounts. Your new employees can start working almost immediately – and will only be working for you on a full-time schedule that you set and control. Bosque de Talentos keeps every thing simple and allows you to hire the talent you need without creating new regulatory requirements in your home country or abroad. We make hiring easy and cost effective for your business so you can worry about focusing on your clients and product.

Establish Operations Quickly

Your business can hit the ground running when it comes to near-shoring your workforce by working with Bosque de Talentos. Once you’ve made the decision to partner with us, we start searching and screening for the talent you need immediately. Ultimately, you decide on what candidate you want to hire for the position and once that decision is made, they can start working for you the next day. That’s how simple we have made it for your business to find the talent it needs abroad.

Our goal is to connect you with the right talent as soon as possible. We will work with you to determine what requirements you need for the position, salary range and any benefits you plan to pay the employee for. Our talent search will cover all of the major employment markets in Mexico, and will help you fill the positions you need with highly qualified workers that have a great command of the English language. As soon as you have the perfect candidate, we can put them in touch with our accounting and legal advisors to get them ready to work. And that’s it – the employee can then start helping your business grow.

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Full-Control of Working Schedule

Unlike working with freelancers or subcontracting to other agencies, you directly control your employee’s hours, schedule, workflow and projects. Every employee placed through Bosque de Talentos solely works for you – no employee will ever be working for another company. Near-shoring your operations with Bosque de Talentos also gives you employees that work the same hours you do, with the majority being located in Central Standard Time. You will never have to worry about your projects getting prioritized or wait until the next day to speak with a worker. Our team can also help you arrange any working arrangement you need – from dedicated office space to co-working spaces – if you prefer to not have your employee as a remote worker.

Regulatory Simplicity

Bosque de Talentos simplifies your regulatory compliance in both the United States in Mexico reducing the amount of paperwork, filing, fees and taxes you would normally need to pay with full-time employees and/or foreign located businesses. This type of working arrangement is fully endorsed by the United States Internal Revenue Service and removes the need for you to prepare employment contracts, hire payroll services, withhold taxes, keep track of deadlines to file documents, obtain insurance and keep employee records. Placing workers through Bosque de Talentos makes it easy for you to continue to run your business lean by minimizing your time spent on these tasks and reducing your costs associated with regulatory compliance. Most importantly, because Bosque de Talentos is a business structure fully endorsed by the IRS you will never have to worry about the IRS classifying your workers as employees and trying to collect withholding taxes.

We also make it easy to be fully compliance with Mexican labor regulations without ever needing to set foot in the country or go through the painstaking process of opening businesses and bank accounts. Bosque de Talentos serves as an employer of record in Mexico, and as such, all the regulatory compliance work, payroll services and taxes associated with running a business in Mexico are handled by us. Our worker arrangements make it easy to hire immediately without needing to establish a presence in Mexico. This again allows you to keep your business lean and minimize any costs associated with hiring employees.

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