We begin each client relationship with one thing in mind – providing an easy, hassle-free service that gives an immediate return on investment. Near-shoring your business operations in Mexico will provide you incredible cost savings, increase your work output and find you the highly skilled talent you need. Bosque de Talentos makes it easy for you to recognize this return almost immediately by removing all the hurdles, fees and expenses associated with establishing foreign operations.

Whether you choose to expand your workforce by hiring new employees or back-filling positions in the United States, your business will immediately benefit from working with us. The amount you can save depends on the types of positions you are trying to fill – but there is no comparison when you realize that you can chose between hiring an MBA graduate or an entry level worker in the US for the same rate or lower. Bosque de Talentos also makes it easy to re-invest your savings into new employees so you can increase your output hours, handle more clients and grow your business faster.

Cost Savings

The main benefit that your business receives from near-shoring its operations is cost savings. An increasingly difficult regulatory atmosphere in the United States, Canada and Europe is making it less and less attractive to higher full-time employees in your home country. Increasing costs in the form of fees, taxes and benefits makes it harder for small business to make important hires, as the cost of getting something wrong is so much higher. This was exactly the challenge that we faced in our businesses and we started to explore opportunities abroad.

Mexico is an incredibly attractive option for hiring due to its labor laws. Hiring schemes in Mexico make it easy to establish what would essentially equate to a full-time freelancer arrangement in the United States – something that the IRS would determine is full-time employment requiring you to pay additional taxes, provide expensive employee benefits and adhere to additional regulations that can prove to be costly. The challenge many businesses face is the cost of establishing your own business in Mexico, something you completely avoid by using Bosque de Talentos.

It’s easy to see the cost savings when you look at the numbers. The Federal Minimum Wage in the United States is $7.25, while almost 2/3 of states have a minimum wage that is higher. In Mexico, the minimum wage is $4.41 per day. The national average MBA graduate base salary in the United States is $75,640 compared to Mexico where it is $44,000. Benefits, taxes and other fees paid for having US based full-time employees can come out to paying an additional 25%-40% on top of the base salary. Near-shoring full-time workers with Bosque de Talentos in Mexico completely removes that additional cost from the equation. Your business will immediately realize an incredible cost savings when starting with Bosque de Talentos.

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Increased Output

Bosque de Talentos can help your business immediately increase productivity and output. The ability to hire full-time workers without the associated costs of an employee in the United States allows many businesses to scale their operations. Hiring employees through Bosque de Talentos is not only hassle-free, but can immediately help you increase the number or scale of projects that your business can handle. We work with companies of varying sizes and in completely unrelated industries, and may of them are able to instantly increase their productivity by partnering with us.

Many service businesses utilize freelancers to subcontract work to, however there are distinct disadvantages to relying fully on freelancers. Running your business with freelance labor subjects you to their project schedule, their reliability and the pricing that they set. Switching to Bosque de Talentos allows you to take full control of your employee’s schedule, hours and can save you a ton in the process. As an example, a digital marketing client of hours switched from freelance labor to Bosque de Talentos and increased their output hours from 15 to 40 a week, was much more capable to meet deadlines leading to happier clients and did it all for the same cost as their freelancer charged.

Our company can also prove to be valuable to companies that employee full-time workers in the United States. Another client of Bosque de Talentos was able to replace his United States based employee with 3 employees under Bosque de Talentos for less than the cost of the US employee’s base salary – tripling his output hours from 40 to 120 a week. The potential to scale your business, handle more work and engage more clients is made wholly possible by working with Bosque de Talentos.

Cost vs. Talent Comparison

We believe that it is important to maximize the return you are getting from hiring new full-time employees. Investing in new employees are vital to the growth of all businesses, but especially Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) that many times do not have the time or capabilities to provide the onboarding and training new employees need. These SMEs many times also do not have the budget available to invest in an employee with 10+ years of experience or that have attained high-levels of educational achievement like Masters or MBAs.

The average starting salary for a bachelor’s degree graduate in the United States is over $50,000 and the fact is that the students graduating with these degrees do not have the skills or knowledge to contribute to SMEs immediately. Businesses today need to be flexible by being able to adjust to changes in the market quickly. The upfront investment in a US entry level position plus ongoing investment in development is not sustainable for many enterprises that need help now.

Entry level, and even experienced positions placed through Bosque de Talentos, are significantly less than the average bachelor’s degree salary in the US. With Bosque de Talentos, the average annual salary for an entry-level employee can range from $23,000 – $28,000 – allowing you to essentially hire 2 employees for the same or similar amounts. The story is similar for Master’s and MBA graduates where the salaries can be about 50% of the going rate in the US for recent graduates. No matter what your hiring needs are, the fact is that working with Bosque de Talentos can get you the experienced talent you need now at a significantly lower cost than hiring in the United States, Canada and Europe.

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