You can think of Bosque de Talentos as your back-office operations team when it comes to hiring and employing workers. We help you handle everything you need to find talented workers, to handle payroll and benefits, serve as human resources and provide tax and legal compliance for your new workers. Our simple and straight-forward processes handle everything that would require 3-4 workers to handle in a traditional business located in the United States.

We make it incredibly efficient, simple and cost-effective to grow your business without needing a huge back-office staff. Running your business lean with the help of Bosque de Talentos for placing your workers allows you to reinvest your cost savings into what the business needs. We believe that businesses in the future will continuously search for new ways to reduce operating expenses, and that is why we have focused our business on solving so many operational challenges that US, Canadian and European companies face.

Talent Search Support

We understand that finding the right employee is a challenge for every business. That’s why our team at Bosque de Talentos is fully capable of helping you identify the right hire your business needs. We take our time to understand how your business works, listen to what your needs are, help pinpoint the areas where we can help your business improve and then recruit the best candidates to help your business grow.

Our recruiting team in Mexico will search for the candidate that has the exact skills and knowledge you need for any position – from administrative assistants to software engineers. The Bosque de Talentos process will screen initial candidates to determine if they have the proper qualifications for the job, have high-level spoken and written English language skills and are looking for a long-term job opportunity. We will then refer the best candidates to you so you may conduct final interviews, and if all goes well, hire the candidates on behalf of your business so they can get to work as soon as possible.

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Human Resources & Employee Benefits

You can help fully outsource your Human Resources department by working with Bosque de Talentos. We handle everything from recruiting to salary & benefits negotiations to payroll. Our recruiting team has successfully filled positions in the past with employees of Fortune 500 companies such as Hewlett Packard, IBM and Intel – a level of talent not available to most small businesses in the United States. Payroll is handled directly by us in Mexico and your employees will be on-time and immediately without you ever having to worry. You can even chose to pay by credit card maximizing your revenue and benefits to your business.

Top talent is always looking for the best salary and benefits packages they can find and will typically go to the businesses that can make the most attractive offer. This is no different outside of the United States. Freelancers have a distinct disadvantage in that they cannot be offered benefits, which is why they will look to work for as many clients as possible. When you hire an employee through Bosque de Talentos, we can help you provide additional benefits and compensation to make your position attractive to the most talented workers.

Tax/Legal Compliance

Your business already faces numerous hurdles and obstacles without having employees – and choosing to hire your first employee either in the US or establish operations outside the US will only create more. Bosque de Talentos was created to help business owners avoid all the legal and tax complications that come with having employees. It is also designed to help you avoid any potential issues under the Fair Labor Standards Act from using freelancers or independent contractors – issues that Fortune 50 businesses still face. The IRS and legal challenges are not going away, and are only likely to worsen in the future. Bosque de Talentos makes you fully compliant with all US tax and labor laws, and is fully endorsed by certified public accountants and labor lawyers.

Establishing a business in a foreign country to hire employees will also create a ton of new hurdles and obstacles. Apart from language and legal code challenges, you will face new labor, tax, banking and payroll hurdles. We understand these challenges as we have already gone through them ourselves with the help of our financial and legal advisers. The Mexican business environment is difficult to get established in as a foreigner – and even as a citizen – with business bank account approvals taking more than 3 months on average. Working with Bosque de Talentos eliminates all your costs to get set up abroad, protects you from all Mexican tax and labor laws and removes any waiting periods to get your operations started. You can hire your first employee with Bosque de Talentos and get to work right away; allowing you to focus on your sales and product and not all the headaches.

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