We’ve developed a simple process that helps you to find, hire and work with high-qualified talent almost immediately. Our team in Mexico helps you identify the best talent for your needs, gets them onboarded and handles the ongoing human resources needs your business may have. You set the work schedule, projects and directly oversee all their work. There is no middleman communicating what you want to your employee – just you with a direct line of communication to them. Sounds simple right?


The hiring process at Bosque de Talentos is incredibly simple. We help you find the candidate you want and then once you have selected one, we submit an employment offer to them under the Bosque de Talentos business entity. We function as a professional employer organization (PEO) and serve as your employee’s employer of record during their entire employment with your company. Their employment is fully at your will and likewise terminations can be processed quickly.

Our team has extensive experience with interviewing and hiring candidates in Mexico so we know exactly what red flags to look for. We can help you track down the best talent for your business quickly and find you the labor flexibility that you need to grow your business or achieve operational efficiency in new ways. Let our professionals handle your talent search while you simply select which candidate you like the most.

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Human Resources/Operations

You can become like many of our clients and completely eliminate the need for human resources and many back-office operations. Bosque de Talentos can handle those aspects for you. We serve as the human resources point of contact for your employees. Our tax and legal advisers standby to answer any questions that your employee may having during their employment with Bosque de Talentos.

We can also provide additional services for your business hear in Mexico such as office management. Our business can help you rent office space, utilities and any service you may need to establish a fully operational – yet entirely autonomous – business entity to support your operations in the United States, Canada or Europe.

Payment Solution

Cross-border payments and transactions are another challenge that many businesses face when establishing operations in a foreign country. The Bosque de Talentos solutions makes it easy by removing many hurdles and drastically decreasing the costs of sending money abroad. Our U.S. and Mexican entities can quickly and efficiently move money from the United States or Canada to Mexico. We minimize unnecessary costs during our process to provide the lowest price solution possible for our clients.

Our presence in Mexico makes it incredibly easy to pay your employees on-time with direct deposit transactions and same day delivery possible. Our accounting team provides each employee with clear and concise breakdowns of their earnings and taxes simplifying their tax requirements, all while reducing risk for the employee. We even help each and everyone maximize their pay by taking advantage of unique tax breaks in Mexico that allow them to reclaim much of their taxable earnings.

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