Businesses of all sizes are constantly looking for ways to improve their bottom line and achieve revenue growth overtime. Many businesses look to foreign labor markets as one way to cut their costs. Off-shoring has been made possible over the past few decades by the incredible advancements in technology. Our belief is that this strategy is going to become increasing relevant for all businesses to compete in the future, and that every business no matter their size should be able to take advantage of this strategy.

The typical off-shoring markets of India, China, Vietnam and the Philippines present significant challenges for businesses based in the Western Hemisphere or even Europe. Work culture within these countries also has significant differences with the expectations of business owners in the United States, Canada and Europe. Near-shoring your operations with Bosque de Talentos to Mexico solves many of the problems associated with off-shoring to Asia, gives you a work force with very similar cultural ties and provides incredible cost savings that can help you achieve your business goals.

Challenges of Off-Shoring to Asia

Moving your back-office operations by offshoring to Asia brings significant hurdles that many businesses have difficulty overcoming. The first and largest issue tends to be the difference in time zones for Western companies. Time differences limit the amount of time you can be communicating with your team during your work day. They also can slow projects and processes down if reviews or approvals are needed. Locating your operations in a country like Mexico that has a similar time zone allows you to constantly be in communication with your employees, manage their schedules and ensure your deadlines are met.

Protecting your business legally in Asia also presents significant hurdles. Contracts can be difficult if not impossible to enforce and partnering with unscrupulous offshoring firms can lead to the potential theft of your intellectual property. Properly protecting yourself could require large legal bills and further impediments to getting your operations up and running. Utilizing a labor market with similar intellectual property rights such as Mexico helps eliminate those risks and protect your business at a minimal cost to you.

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Work Culture

One of the largest challenges with off-shoring to the other side of the world are the drastic differences in work culture. The difference between work styles, authority positions and expectations can lead to enormous misunderstandings that cost you time and money. Asian cultures respect seniority which can lead to a lack of innovation, improvement and a fear of taking chances – all of which are vital to a business’s sustained growth. Avoiding the cultural pitfalls by utilizing a labor market more similar to U.S. and Western expectations can make near-shoring a much better solution.

In fact, the closer your nearshore operation is to your home country like the United States or Canada the less likely it will encounter cultural issues. Mexico provides an ideal labor market for businesses in either country as much of the labor force is already integrated into Western businesses, have similar expectations and work habits, and share extremely similar cultural similarities outside of the workspace making it easier to interact. Near-shoring your operations to Mexico provides all the benefits of utilizing a less-expensive labor market while removing many of the cultural obstacles of the Asian labor markets.

Cost & Efficiency Savings

The goal of any off-shore or near-shore operation is to provide your business efficiencies while reducing unnecessary costs. While either option can clearly provide a reduced cost to your business, we firmly believe that the efficiencies provided through near-shoring your operations are unmatched. Utilizing a labor market close to home reduces many of the challenges such as work hours, communication, cultural differences and legal protection.

The United States, Canada and Mexico all share similar time zones which helps with resolving issues in a timely matter and providing near-instant feedback when needed. Because of the closely integrated commercial markets of these North American countries the quality and level of English spoken in Mexico is extremely high compared to many Asian markets. Our goal at Bosque de Talentos is to ensure that we can help your business run more efficiently – and we believe providing high-quality talent with great English language skills in the same time zone leads to unmatched outcomes.

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