As business owners ourselves, we know how important every dollar in the budget is. We constantly are looking for new ways to improve our efficiency, operations and workflow to maximize every cent that spent and ensure nothing does to waste. Working with Bosque de Talentos for your employee needs is one way that you can stretch your budget the furthest and guarantee that you get the best return on every dollar of your budget.

Technology has been able to replace many business functions that used to require an employee. However, there are just somethings that technology will not be able to replace and for those instances you still need the human capital to run your business. We are firm believers in running a lean business, and it is more possible than ever to have your own $1,000,000+ business run with minimal staff. Working with Bosque de Talentos keeps your human capital costs low – and those are typically the largest cost component in most businesses. We help you get the key full-time employees you need to continually grow your business without growing your payroll, utilizing part-time or freelancer workers, and at a massive cost savings compared to hiring in your home market.

Expense of Using Freelancers

Many small and medium-sized businesses will utilize freelancers to manage aspects of their businesses. This approach can be costly to your business in more ways than one. Firstly, rates of freelancers could be more than double the rate of a full-time employee hired through Bosque de Talentos. Additionally, the use of freelancers and the number of hours they work could also be called into question by the Internal Revenue Service leading to further problems.

Outside the financial aspects of hiring freelancers, you need to consider the quality of the service provided by freelancers. Almost every freelancer has more than one client which leaves your projects and deadlines competing with all of the freelancer’s clients for his or her time. Furthermore, the freelancer has no incentive or deeper connection to your business encouraging them to produce a higher-quality output. Every employee that you hire through Bosque de Talentos will work 40 hours a week and only for you. You have direct control of their schedule, output and workflow – which makes you never miss another deadline.

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Full-Time US Based Workers

Another alternative to hiring a freelancer would be to hire in your home market and employ full-time United States-based employees – but the costs of making a hire and more importantly the wrong hire are much more significant than with freelancers. A full-time U.S. employee does ensure that you will have full control of their schedule, workflow and output. On the downside, it opens you up to significant other costs such as additional taxes, insurance and benefits that you need to offer.

Near-shoring your workforce to Mexico with Bosque de Talentos helps you to avoid all those additional costs and higher skilled employees at a significant lower cost. For what you would pay in the United States for an entry level employee, you could get an experienced worker in Mexico to do for about half the cost. Hiring an entry level worker in the U.S. could leave you with someone who does not have the necessary skills, knowledge and confidence to complete the tasks you need. This is a particular problem for small businesses that do not have the resources or knowledge to provide the training themselves. Bosque de Talentos allows you to hire an experience worker capable of doing exactly what you need from the start – allowing you to continue focusing on the growth of your business.

Running Your Business Lean

Human capital costs are the largest operating expense for most businesses. But it is easier than ever to minimize that cost as much as possible and still have a rapidly growing business. Technology and new cost saving opportunities like the Bosque de Talentos process can help you grow your bottom line by reducing your expenses. The average client realizes approximately a 50% savings when they move operations from the United States to Mexico with Bosque de Talentos. And the savings don’t stop at just human capital – moving back office operations can reduce or eliminate office expenses, utilities and supplies.

Running your business lean gives you flexibility, and the ability to adapt to rapidly changing business environments. Freeing up additional cash that would traditionally be used by higher human capital costs allows you to invest in other aspects of your business to help further your growth. Bosque de Talentos can help you run your business lean – and we can make it happen almost immediately.

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