Your company grows when you have the best employees working for you. Unfortunately, it is sometimes difficult for small and medium-sized businesses to attract and retain the best employees. For many businesses, hiring the most talented employees is cost-prohibitive as they will generally require a higher salary and benefits package to stick around. This was the problem that all our founders faced in their businesses and a solution that they set out to find.

The world and markets continue to change at a rapid pace – and limiting yourself to a talent pool only located in the United States can prevent your business from taking advantage of opportunities to grow. Large businesses with the financial resources already take advantage of the labor pools in foreign markets, and working with Bosque de Talentos allows you to tap into an entirely new pool of incredibly talented workers at a much lower cost than an United States-based employee. These businesses can spend the time, money and effort to establish operations abroad and hire great employees while saving money. Through partnering with Bosque de Talentos you will have a competitive edge on your competition and be able to grow your output while reducing your costs. Bosque de Talentos will recruit the highest qualified workers for your business that have the education, experience and skills your business needs to stand out from the competition.

Education & Experience

We only focus on recruiting the highest quality workers for our clients. Our recruiting process starts with us learning about your business and exactly what skills you are searching for, and then we begin a thorough search of the extremely talented labor pool in Mexico. Our searches are only concentrated in major commercial areas and we focus on recruiting the best talent from companies like HP, Intel, IBM to come work for you.

Not only do the employees we recruit for you work for incredible companies, but many times they also have impressive educational backgrounds. It is very easy to find affordable MBA level workers that are looking to make a huge impact on your business. We are also able to find United States-educated employees for our clients. U.S. and Mexican work cultures also share many similarities so it makes it extremely easy for these well-educated and talented employees to jump right into your business and start helping right away.

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Language Skills

We understand that one of the major problems with the idea of outsourcing labor, near-shoring or even hiring foreign freelancers is the language barrier. Part of the hiring process at Bosque de Talentos is for us to thoroughly screen the potential employees’ written and spoken English skills. We communicate in-depth with the potential employee through multiple medias, including in-person interviews, to see how their language skills stack up before we ever refer them for a final interview with our clients – and the results have been great.

English levels are extremely high in the metropolitan Mexican labor markets due to the presence of both U.S. and European multi-national corporations. Mexico is taught to every student as a secondary language through grade school and into high school, and the close proximity to the United States and Canada has made the diffusion of the language prevalent throughout Mexico. It is not uncommon for our clients to find potential employees that have were born, have lived, have worked or been educated in the United States.

A Few Hiring Examples

Bosque de Talentos has been able to provide the talent necessary for almost any type of business to grow. We’ve worked with businesses in a variety of industries, and we are proud of the contributions we have been able to make. You can learn more about our successes by checking out the results page, but here are a few quick examples of what we have been able to help businesses with:

  • A client of ours in the digital advertising space was able to hire graphic designers, content writers, marketing coordinators and editors drastically increasing their output hours and reducing the labor costs by over 50%.
  • A software as a solution client of ours was able to replace their U.S. based workforce by working with Bosque de Talentos and hire additional inbound and outbound sales professionals to increase their marketing and sales efforts.
  • A pharmaceutical client was able to bring on additional compliance professionals and add a lead generation team to help them turn their physical records into digital records and increase lead generation for the sales team.

These are just a few of the many success stories that Bosque de Talentos has been able to achieve for their clients. Speak with us today and see how we can help you achieve your business goals with the talented workers that you need.

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