Bosque de Talentos was created with a single purpose in mind – to provide an easy, hassle-free process for foreign companies to establish a work-force presence in Mexico. Our company was born out of need to solve a problem every foreign business faces here in Mexico; navigating the difficult legal, fiscal and operational environment.

We make it simple for foreign businesses to quickly and efficiently hire a highly-qualified workforce immediately, while provide an incredible return on investment. Our processes allow your business to rapidly establish operations in Mexico while being fully compliant with all applicable laws both in Mexico and your home country.

Our team of experienced legal and financial advisers has helped us develop the perfect solution for every business – removing every obstacle that your company could possibly face along the way.

Our Story

The idea for Bosque de Talentos was created from a challenge that our leadership team faced. We were all operating businesses that were growing and, to do so, needed to expand our work-force. Hiring in the US was cost prohibitive as the higher-level talent we really needed to grow at the time was just unaffordable for our businesses. We needed these team members, but the salaries, taxes, benefits – and worse – costs of making the wrong hire made us anxious. Subcontracting to freelancers was just not sustainable, and finding the quality and reliability we needed was a challenge.

After doing research we realized there was an incredible opportunity to hire a highly skilled work-force that was cost-effective by relocating back-office operations outside of the United States. Outsourcing to Asia was possible, however the time, language, work behavior and cultural differences made it an unattractive option. It was when we discovered Mexico that we realized we had the perfect opportunity – a labor pool that shared similar work habits, cultural ties and was in the same time zone as our US offices.

We set out to establish our individual operations in Mexico so we could begin near-shoring our back-offices. Immediately we were faced with challenges to navigate the difficult legal, fiscal and operational environment that is Mexico. The first business that a member of our executive team tried to establish was set up quick enough – only taking 3 weeks. However, the process to get the bank account set-up took close to 3 months with applications being rejected at 2 different financial institutions. It was only later that we found the average time to get a business bank account open in Mexico was 4 months.

After learning of the struggles that one of our partners faced, we decided it was best to pool all our resources under the existing business instead of trying to go it alone ourselves. We all needed to hire as soon as possible and going through the same process was not possible. The talent we were finding was incredible – MBA level talent for an incredibly affordable rate. And that’s when we realized that we could help other businesses navigate the same problems while creating incredible job opportunities in Mexico through Bosque de Talentos.

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