The premier hiring solution for businesses looking to near-shore their workforce

We help businesses of all sizes move their development operations, backoffice operations, marketing and much more to more favorable labor markets




We handle everything from talent search to payroll. You gain the ability to establish your business and adjust to market changes quickly…


Return on Investment

Working with us provides instant cost savings for your business. Get the best talent for a fraction of what it would cost in your home labor market…


Tax & Legal Compliance

The Bosque de Talentos solution makes you full compliant with all labor laws and tax regulations in Mexico and in the United States…


Outsourced Operations

Make your business run lean with by letting us handle your human resources, payroll and recruiting needs – saving you time and money…

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How it Works


Maximize Your Business’s Budget

Hiring employees is expensive. Bosque de Talentos has created a low-cost human capital solution that every company can take advantage of…


Near-Shore Business Operations

There is no need to send your labor to the other side of the world. We provide you with the highly talented workforce you need – in the same timezone…


Our Process

We take the hassle out of hiring with our easy hands-off process. We work as your whole human resources department for your new employees…


Finding Highly Qualified Talent

The talent you need is closer than you think. We help you find the best talent for any type of role you are looking for – from operations to marketing…


How We Are Different

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